4 Hurricane Apps We Hope You Won’t Need (But Should Get Anyway)

We’ve been watching the hurricane news this week from our home base in Colorado.  We don’t have hurricanes here, but we have many friends in the danger zone, so this week’s post is devoted to hurricane apps.

CNN may have (wisely) banned the use of the term “Frankenstorm”, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Sandy (or other hurricane events) won’t be frightening.  To help prepare you for what might be coming, even if we really hope that it isn’t, here are a few essential mobile apps that can help you weather the hurricane season:

  1. HurricaneThis free, must-have app by the American Red Cross can, among many other things, monitor conditions in the storm track, provide tips for preparing for a hurricane, direct you to shelters, and allow for a one-touch alert so that you can let your friends and family know you’re safe.  If you text **REDCROSS, you’ll be automatically directed to the download link.
  2. Emergency Information AppsWhether you need Emergency Info+ for iOS or ICE for Android, with these apps you can make your emergency contacts and vital health information available in the case of a medical emergency.
  3. Hurricane Tracking Apps:  Need up-to-the minute information about Sandy’s storm track?  Try Hurricane Tracker for iOS or Hurricane Hound for Android.  These cost $2.99 and $1.99 respectively, which is a small price to pay to prevent being surprised by the storm.
  4. Emergency Preparedness appsIf Sandy turns out to be even half as bad as the predictions suggest, you’re going to want to be prepared if and when the power and phone lines go down.  Nothing can quite replace actual first aid training, of course, but in an emergency you’re going to want either Emergency First Aid and Treatment for iOS or Phoneflips Emergency First Aid Guide for Android.

This list is not comprehensive, of course, and we’ve left off all those incredibly useful mobile apps that you probably already have (and if you don’t, get yourself a flashlight app immediately).  Also, make sure you have a car charger and gas in the tank; there’s no way of knowing how long the power might be out, and you’ll probably be using your car to keep your phone operational.

Stay smart, and stay safe!

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