Alge-Bingo – a great educational app

We get lots of app development quote requests on our quote sites and we connect lots of folks with developers in our network of experienced, U.S.-based app developers.  Here’s a nice note we received this week from one of the many folks who we’ve helped realize their dream of getting an app developed.

I don’t know if our experience with AppMuse is very common, but it could not have been easier. I had heard about their service through Twitter. I went to their site and learned a little about what they do and how their goal is simply to connect developers with people that have ideas for apps. I input some information about what we wanted to create and the first developer contacted me within a couple of hours and he ended up being the one with the lowest bid and the one that we eventually ran with. It has been the fulfillment of a dream that I have had for over two years now – having my own app in the App Store! Please check out Alge-Bingo.  Thank you!
Kevin Scritchfield
Sierra High School
The app is really cool – it makes a game of learning algebra.  Here’s a description from the Alge-Bingo web site:
This game is great for Pre-Algebra and Algebra I students who are just learning how to solve equations as well as for Algebra II and even Precalculus students needing to review their equation solving skills. It can also be used an Algebra tutorial for anyone preparing for a standardized test such as the S.A.T. or A.C.T.
Congratulations Kevin on getting your app developed and in the App Store!

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