Apples, oranges, and the growth of Windows Phone 7 apps

Apples, oranges, and the growth of Windows Phone 7 apps

Achim Berg, of Microsoft, vice president of business and marketing for Windows Phones, was recently “interviewed” for a feature story on Microsoft’s web page.  Among the bits of information offered by Berg was this interesting factoid: two months into the worldwide launch of Windows Phone 7, there are already 4,000 apps for the device. That’s an interesting number.  According to, it took over five months for the App Store to hit 4,000 apps. A recent post at Tech Buzz Blog noted it also took about five months for the Android Market to hit 4,000 apps.  More recently, reported the number of Windows Phone apps was up to 5,000, the same number of apps in the Palm WebOS after 18 months and a third of the number of available Blackberry apps.

Of course, as Microsoft’s Berg says, comparing Windows Phone 7 to its competition (by which we assume he primarily means iOS and Android devices) is “a bit of apples and oranges comparison.”  Apples and oranges … maybe that explains the orange dot for the i in the Bing logo.

Does the relatively faster growth in apps for Windows Phone 7 mean that platform is gaining traction faster than the iOS, Android, and other devices? Sure. But, the root causes for that growth are harder to parse.  Will Windows Phone 7 apps maintain that growth rate?  Who knows?  From an app development and marketing perspective, the answers to these questions may not much matter. What will matter is that the continued surge in mobile device usage will further fuel a booming market for mobile app entrepreneurs and developers.

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