Finding a Developer for Your App Idea

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Finding a Developer for Your App Idea

Finding a developer for an app project is a challenge. We talk to people all the time who are lost in the process of finding the right developer for their mobile app idea. Sure, you can hit the search engines and find hundreds of mobile app developers. But how do you find a mobile app developer with the experience and ability to take your idea from concept to the app store? Here are six principles that will help –

  • One is not enough.  Get multiple bids from experienced app developers.  The more you talk to experienced developers, the more you’ll learn about your project.  If the developer thinks you’re serious and not just kicking tires, he will be happy to share his thoughts during the initial call.  This will help you in two ways – finding the right developer and refining your app idea.
  • Don’t be penny-wise and pound-foolish.  The lowest bid is not always the best or even the cheapest. We see project after project in which someone hired the cheapest alternative and ended up with a shattered project or nothing at all.  Work only with reputable, experienced app developers.  They may not be the lowest bid, but you get what you pay for.
  • Ask common sense questions.  For example, if your mobile app includes a social network, ask the developer about his experience developing apps with social networks.  If your mobile app will be graphics rich, ask the developer about his graphics capabilities.  Get the answers you need.  If they duck your questions, run.  Fast.
  • Check out the developer’s website. If the developer’s website does not impress you, how likely is it the developer will impress you with the app you’ll get? If you are interested, we can connect you with app companies having a great portfolio, who have delivered multiple projects in multiple domains. 90% of times, their portfolio will match with your app product requirements. Accordingly you can customize your product based on your needs and get the best product developed. Kindly fill our contact us form or request a quote, and we will help you out to get your job done.
  • Check out other apps developed by the developer.  A developer’s app portfolio is like a picture – “worth a thousand words.”  Do the developer’s prior apps have the look and feel you want for your app?
  • Finally, don’t pay to train an app developer.  Hire only experienced developers with at least one app in the iTunes store or one deployed Android or Blackberry app. If you wish, you can connect with us and we can help you in finding the right developer for you. Just fill out our Request a quote form or go to our contact us contact us page. We will connect with multiple bids over your app development project with set of app developers according to your budget.

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It’s tricky business sorting through hundreds of them to find an app developer that’s perfect for your business. Appmuse has a wide range of network for top rated mobile application development companies which will help you in getting ball park quotes from 3 different top rated companies by filling out our quote request form. Follow these guidelines by AppMuse and find the best mobile app developers!

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