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When you are making an investment and seeking returns through a mobile app, there are many different facets that come into the picture. Nowadays, it might sound easy to find a mobile app developer. But, it might be tricky to find the right person for your business. Most of the time, how to hire a mobile app developer with high ROI remains a question.

So, before you leap to make a decision on hiring a mobile app developer, here’s what you should keep in mind before hiring a mobile app developer. Also we have mentioned the best sources to look for as in where to find to hire a mobile app developer.

Hire an iOS App Developer | Dedicated iPhone App Developers

If you have an idea for an iPhone or iPad app, but don’t have the skills to develop it yourself, you’re going to need to hire an iOS app developer to code it for you. Hiring a mobile app developer can be time consuming, especially if you don’t know the basics. You’ll want to make sure that you choose a reputable app developer from the start, and one that will do the job promised for the proposed price. We’ve posted in the past about finding an app developer, including posts on how to find an app developer and the three most important questions to ask an app developer, but here are some more tips to help guide you along your app development journey.

In light of the frequently evolving prospect of APP development, no doubt developer is highly required. If you are also thinking that hiring an expert of App Development (Android or iOS ) is a simple and relentless errand then let me disclose to you it’s not such a straight forward tasks. However, if you wish to hire an app developer from top mobile application development companies, you can fill up our quote request form or go to our contact us page. We will help out in finding the app developer and best app development companies, based on your cost budget and get your app done which satisfy your needs.

You have to take enough time while contracting any Developer, consider strategy and put some additional endeavors.

For the most part, you can find loads of APP Developers having a slight knowledge, however; a decent one is in reality exceptionally pricey. They really watch out for fascinating projects and keep themselves stowing away. Still, it’s an uplifting news too that Because of the conspicuous request there are also a huge number of individuals trying hard to join these gathering of gifted hermits. So soon there will be a huge bunch of individuals available out there in the industry.

But still, there are challenges come out while finding the best one. It’s up to you whether you have to find those candidates who have gifted learning, capable, experienced, propelled either unpracticed individual, who will be willing to work at their first continuous tasks.

To start with seek for the multiple options that are available in hiring an app developer. Mostly there are just these three options:

mobile app developer hiring options

  1. Onboard a business partner who is a developer.
  2. Hire a local app developer.
  3. Hire an outsource developer.

Find an App developer with our 7 steps process:

7-Step-Processs-hire-mobile-app-developer in USA

A diverse portfolio
When it’s time to look for a professional app developer, you should find someone who can walk you through the entire process of development. Moreover, the individual should also offer creative inputs based on his experience with similar apps he has developed earlier. A knowledgeable person is totally aware of what would work and what wouldn’t on the app store. Such a kind of insight comes only when the individual has worked for different clients spread across numerous industrial segments.

Even if you are planning to hire an iOS developer, you should know whether the professional is adept at developing applications in different types of codes sets. While you would be investing money, you shouldn’t regret when the individual has to spend time in learning new trends. This may delay the completion of the project and the developer won’t be able to design the app within the timeframe.

Project planning is absolutely crucial no matter what your requirements are. As you find an app developer, you should figure out if he thought about a planning phase. If that’s not the case, then you might end up running into numerous iterations in the development process. In the end, the app would not turn out the way you would like it to be. Since you would be investing money, the developer should understand what the app has to be developed for.

Before you hire an app developer, you should check out how creative the individual has been with the applications. As you go through the portfolio, you could look for applications that have been developed with a creative bent of mind. Think if the visual elements and the interface really entice you. If they are quite simple and bland, then you should consider another app developer. After all, you can get returns only if the look entices the people to download the app, install it on their smartphones and use it for a long time.

It’s important that you and the developer are on the same page. You need to spend more time in hiring someone and seek the way in which he approaches things. Assess how you feel when you connect with the developer. Check if he is good listener and is able to comprehend everything you are trying to explain.

Compliance with standards
Whenever a new app has to be developed, the developer should follow certain coding standards in accordance with the platform. For an existing program, the developer should comply with the code that’s already written. Apart from the syntax, it’s necessary to add comments that would help to understand the code flow in a better way.

Never get enticed by the price when you are getting something more within your budget. A low cost option can be expensive in the long run. Once the project is delivered, you might have to spend time with another developer just to redo everything that’s was not as per your expectations.

Finally, you should think about the entire package, and not just the code. The developer should think about creating a functional design when the user experience is at the back of his mind. A step further, you should seek individuals who have enhanced the usability aspect of the mobile apps. This would surely define the ways in which users would respond to your services.

Things to Keep in Mind While Hire an App Developer

  • At first, you must have some clear understanding of about what you want.
  • You need to go through your target market. If you don’t have the clarity, then you might lack behind.
  • Think about your plan first. As you are competing for the best skill in the entire market, so one of the best ways to grab that individual who tune into your offer is how well thought & interesting your project proposal is. A strong candidate will engage various offers and you need to emerge as an expert, dedicated, and with a fleshed-out arrangement. It matters a lot, don’t skip.
  • Get Multiple Bids for Your Project

The first point is one we’ve made before – get multiple bids for your app development project.  We cannot over-emphasize the value of having several experienced app developers visit with you about your project, both from a feasibility and marketability standpoint.  You may think you know all you need to know about developing a mobile app, but you may still benefit from the thoughts of an experienced app developer.  Getting more than one bid for your project will give you feedback from multiple sources.

  • Defining Requirements

Next, make sure you document your project.  If you document your project and provide the documentation to each iPhone or iPad app developer you talk to about bidding on your project, they’ll all be estimating on the same functionality, specs, and/or business requirements. A good practice is to have a document ready to give the developer – this could be a simple bullet point list of functionality, an RFQ/RFP, a flowchart, a .jpg mock up (or a hand drawn fax), an email – really anything that will help put every bidder for your project on the same “page.”

  • Be Available, Be Serious

We operate several quote services from which you can get three free app development quotes from experienced app developers.  Obviously, we think that’s a much better and easier way to go than to surf the web, hoping to find “the right one” among the thousands of results you’ll get from the search engines.  If you request quotes by submitting the form on one of our quote sites, be available and ready to talk about your project in detail when developers in our network contact you. Be serious by doing your homework – research if there is a similar app in App Store already and think about how much you realistically can to budget to hire a mobile app developer.


    • Calculate Your Application Cost By Some Simple Steps

  • Agree on Price

After selecting a developer, nail down an exact finished price before the project starts.  More importantly, get it in writing. Make sure each party understands how payment will occur, and when. A typical payment schedule is 50% down, 25% at a development milestone, and 25% at submission to Apple, but the developer you choose may use some other schedule.  The main thing is to make sure everybody understands when payments will be due, and made.

  • Get An Apple ID

Finally, you may want to register with Apple as an iOS Developer. If you plan to sell your app yourself (as compared to selling it through a developer), you’ll need your own developer ID to configure your bank account for direct deposit. The app development company you hire will then submit the app on your behalf to the App Store for approval.

If you need our help in finding an app developer expert, you can fill our quote request form, or go to our contact us page. The app development team that we refer to you, will help you first in answering all your technical and functional queries in detail, before providing you the development costs. You can talk to them in detail about your app requirements, so that they can help you out in best possible way.

Well, there are heaps of applicants you may find out but how might you break down that you are talking about the experience one. You have to discover these with some studies.

Where to find iOS and Andriod app developers:

As you begin investigating on to discover an app developer, you’ll see the places for discovering them too. You can discover application developers in specific online directories and job portals. Likewise, you may check official group of Google, Facebook, Apple, Windows developers.

Searching for application developers is likewise possible through internet via LinkedIn, Indeed, Upwork, and even Reddit. These sites have multiple agencies, freelancers and developers registered with them. Genuine skills, application projects or code tests of developers could be tried on Github open source stores.

How much does it cost to hire an app developer?

It is more or less based upon the type of application.

App TypeFeaturesDevelopment time in hours (iOS)Development time in hours (Android)Average rate per hour
Simple AppDevice storage, Templates, Dropdown70-15080-160$50-100
Database AppBackend, Server storage, API150-200160-220$60-110
Enterprise AppDevice storage or server storage, Business features200+250+$110-150
Social networking AppBackend, storage on server, photo editing, themes280+300+$70-150
Gaming AppUnity 3d, Storage server, rendering, Single/ Multiple players400+500+$70-120
Messaging AppCloud storage, chats and video, various data format500+600+$70-120
  • Cost to Application development organizations:

Finding and picking application developer has no unmistakable assessment procedure. This is development, not an instant item that you see. Regardless of whether an iOS developer required or you require Android developer, settling on a product making and outsourcing organization implies quality and more resource within reach. Such organizations, as a rule, have the experience of making several applications.

Things to check:

Check their group size and structure. Typically application development organizations have a team page, or LinkedIn page where they list their activity titles. In the event that you require iOS developers for your application, check the number of developers an organization has. You may likewise discover what number of developers (front-end, back-end), architects, venture supervisors, accomplices are working there. Along these lines you’ll have the capacity to perceive what administrations you will pay for.

Focus on innovation stack in their utilization. What advancements does an organization list? Java, C#, React, PHP… ? Do they utilize a similar stack for a large portion of activities or have a tendency to be venture particular? Which of those do they suggest for your application thought? Are there comparative applications worked with a proposed innovation?

Likewise, check their history and audits. A significant number of them brag of years in business, encounter, number of best clients, number of engineers utilized, and so on. So it ought not to be hard. Check Google, Yelp or Clutch for client surveys. Experience, value, group and criticism… measure everything and you’ll see a clearer picture of how to proceed onward.

  • Cost of Freelance App Developers:

The second choice to enlist somebody to build an application is freelance developers. This could be trickier yet taken a toll. Settling on freelance Android/iOS designers works fine when you absolutely recognize what sort of application you need. Furthermore, regardless of whether you can deal with the individual in distance and settle on every one of the choices on outline, usefulness, testing, and so on.

Presently, are there any idiosyncrasies in hiring application developers for two most prevalent platforms – Android and iOS, apart?

    • iOS developer on hire:

Consider that iPhone application developers are popular. They can be fussy and taken a toll more than normal. Consequently, enlisting iOS/iPad developers is the thing that you ought to do no one but (we feel compelled to pressure this as much as possible) if your application is for the most part or completely made for Apple.

Scan for applicants in specific networks, e.g.:

      • iPhoneDevSDK
      • MacRumors Forum,
      • Cocos2d
      • iOS Developer Forums
      • Stack Overflow

Study their online action, beginning from blog entries and Twitter to shared code commitments on Github. Ask what libraries and segments they would use to construct your application.

  • Android developers on Hire:

In any case, what specifics would it be advisable for you to search for with these folks? Initially, Android applications depend on Java, search for aptitudes in this programming language. Second, Java alone isn’t sufficient. Great learning of Android open source system and libraries is the upside.

Any involvement with Java Native interface? That is awesome. Can your developer handle all the consistent new Android adaptations (4.0, 4.4, 6.0 and up) and their APIs? It is safe to say that they know about complexities of publishing an application to Google Play? Would they be able to help in advancing it there? This is all essential.

Look for Android designers in places like:

  • Toptal
  • GDGs – Google engineer gatherings, technical discussions, code sprints, and so forth.
  • Guru
  • Upwork
  • Android conferences, hackathons, meetups.

If you feel that the process of hiring a mobile app developer is too tedious. We have a quick 10 questions to know the reliability of a mobile app developer. This will definitely get the job done for you in the whole process of hiring.

The most effective method to hire a mobile app developer in 10 questions:

Utilize locales like Upwork, Toptal, Guru, Freelancer, ProFinder, Fiverr, and so forth to discover and hire a freelance mobile application developer to fabricate an application. Every one of them has certain rating framework, past works and surveys of activities. Converse with a couple of application developer, forget the individuals who keep away from your inquiries.

Question to ASK Before Hire & Identify Experience App Developer

To put it plainly, these are ten central things to ask to hire an app developer:

  • Would you be able to give a rundown of past and current clients?
  • Would i be able to see cases of your work (connections to Apple, Google, Blackberry application stores)?
  • What is your favored platform?
  • What are my application adaptation and monetization choices?
  • How are we going to impart ideas and communicate amid the development?
  • What feature additionally for an application would you suggest? Would you be able to do it?
  • By what method will you lead the testing?
  • Would you be able to submit the application to application stores?
  • Is it true that you are prepared to consent to a copyright agreement?
  • What are your charges and terms of payment?

You must have to deal with every one of these iOS Developer’s aptitude:

  1. 1. If a developer is continually learning about the new systems, techniques and tools, they should have the productive knowledge and charge over technology. They can utilize that knowledge while building up an application. Along with the latest technology, a developer must have an involvement in working in a shared domain with cross-functional and self-arranging groups
  2. A developer who has experience of the agile system will have the capacity to build up the application according to the prerequisite while holding fast to the deadlines. They should be capable in the utilization of form control while working in groups. This enables applicants to team up on a conveyed form control framework.
  3. An APP application developer must have great client experience and UI plan aptitudes. The engineer must have the capacity to think in different dimensional terms and envision connections between the objects. They must have the capacity to see how a client will collaborate with different components in the interface. They should have sufficiently skill to work away on the different platform.

Post-hire stage for utilizing App developer optimally:

This, really, characterizes how much your application will cost you at last – $1000 or $5000. Do you recall how particular you’ve been at first clarifying the idea? It gets ten times more exceptional as you begin doing it.

Ridiculing up drafts or models in detail, from hues, text styles to positions, exchanges, bugs on so on. Each smallest thing checks and should be secured to enlist an application development legitimately. Except if you need an application to succeed, obviously. Utilize Photoshop, Microsoft Word, Paint or whatever to impart your thought.

Together, diagram the client stream – when a client clicks this catch this happens, and so forth. Break down comparable contender applications to take the best. Experience each screen. Continuously focus on outline and interfaces.

Pay in interims for each stage/emphasis done. That way you have better control alternatives as your improvement advances. A decent approach to fabricate positive relationship would toss a reward for pleasant outcomes. In the event that you feel your task requires NDA, make the developer sign a NDA contract. Try not to let anything slip. We trust this material will enable you to discover and hire the privilege application developer.

It is imperative to take care of each and every mentioned aspect above to opt out and hire the best App developer for your upcoming venture. Kindly fill our contact us form or Request a quote, if you wish to find an hire an app developer and deal with top app development companies.

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