Why you should get more than one bid for your app project

Developing mobile applications is a bit like medicine – part science and part art. Creating the “next big thing” app requires both the designer and coder to think “outside the box.”  This means the developer needs your clear-cut input.   Your app idea is no doubt brilliant.  As you struggle to turn your brilliant application idea into a functional and productive piece of software, it’s important that you present it to a number of programmers. Each will address the core competency of your application in a different way, implementing different skills and programming concepts, depending on what your idea requires and what their unique personal background dictates as the “right” way to go about it.

So, how do you find a programmer for your app?  Well, you could hit the search engines and see what you get.  The problem is you’ll get a lot and it will all be unfiltered.  Sifting through all the results can be frustrating. Hiring procedures can be quite complex.  And you may end up with a coder who doesn’t really understand your app.  Even worse, you may end up with an application that is less an expression of your vision and more a function of your coder’s ego.

At Appmuse, we’re firm believers in getting multiple bids for app development projects. Having several developers bid on your project will not only give you a better feel for what the project should cost, but multiple sources of feedback on your idea. If you have an app idea, get more than one quote.  We can help, with our free app development quote service.  All you have to do is visit one of our quote sites and fill out a short form.


Mark M. Stetler is CEO of AppMuse and its related businesses: iPhoneAppQuotes.com, iPadApplicationQuotes.com, AndroidAppDevelopmentQuotes.com, and BlackberryAppDevelopmentQuotes.com. AppMuse is the Internet's leading provider of free app development quotes from experienced, pre-screened app developers for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Blackberry smart phones.

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