Ask a 12 Year-Old: Tips for Game App Developers

Ask a 12 Year-Old: Tips for Game App Developers

We spend a lot of time thinking about what makes a particular app successful.  We don’t have much trouble with those apps relevant to our personal experiences; we keep up to date with educational apps for our children, navigation apps for family trips, business apps, time management apps, sports apps, and even apps to keep our kids from being eaten alive by mosquitos.  We know an awful lot about mobile apps, is what we’re saying.  At least, we think we do.

That said, there seems to be an indecipherable alchemy that determines the success or failure of game apps.  As easily as we can understand concepts like Skinnerian game mechanics and variable ratio rewards, that doesn’t really help us advise our clients who wish to develop mobile game applications.  The experts say that the key is to “create a quality game,” without specifying what constitutes a quality game in the first place.

So we asked Assistant Guest Blogger Luke Stetler to tell us what’s most important to him when he chooses to spend his allowance on a particular game app.

  • Graphics: “Before I buy a game I pay attention to the graphics.  I think Infinity Blade has the best graphics I’ve ever seen, but if the graphics aren’t as good as that, then animation can make up for it.  Like Air Hockey.  I may not get to chop bad guys in half, but at least I feel like I’m actually playing air hockey.”
  • Story: “I really like games with a story.  Sports games don’t do that very well, but if they had a tournament option, that’d be close enough.”
  • Quick rounds: “I play my iTouch before I have to brush my teeth or go to bed, and sometimes my parents tell me to stop playing ‘right now.’  Sometimes that means ‘in ten minutes,’ and sometimes it really does mean ‘right now.’  I want to be able to stop playing at any time, without losing points or falling behind because I didn’t have time to finish a round.”
  • Leveling Up: “Give me something to shoot for.”
  • Connections: “I don’t always get to see my friends, so it’s cool when I can game with them over the wifi.”

There you have it, out of the mouth of a strapping young lad, who happens to be a self-professed mobile game app expert.

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