Becoming an ‘Appreneur’ – How to Develop the Perfect App for Your Business

Thanks largely to the ever increasing popularity of the iPhone and other smart phones, apps are bigger business than ever. There are now over one million apps on the Apple app store alone.  As observed by Gene Marks over at Forbes, more people own a mobile device than a toothbrush.  These statistics suggest significantly more businesses than in previous years were investing money into app development. In fact, of the large business brands in the US, over 90% are now estimated to have a mobile app, proving that there is indeed a considerable market out there; a captive audience of app purchasers who want to connect with a brand and discover more about its products and services. With only an estimated 10% of smaller businesses investing in app development, it’s clear there is a large gap in the market. Discovering the right company who can work with you to create an app, at a budget that suits you, may well, at this particular point in time, be the best move your business ever made. But how can you ensure that you develop something that actively works for your company, helping to generate revenue and increase brand awareness? How can you ensure that you avoid the pitfalls so many other companies fall into?

Do the Groundwork and Know Your Market

Before you even pick up the phone to talk to an app developer; think carefully about what you want to achieve with your app. It is important to do this research first; and this doesn’t just mean browsing the existing range of apps and seeing what’s available. It is important to download apps — try them out and familiarize yourself with their functionality. If you find yourself enjoying a particular app, ask yourself why. What is it about that app that works for you? Ask for the opinions of friends, family, and even further afield, to get a sense of what people expect from a business app.  Consider your competitors.  If they have an app; download it and explore it thoroughly. If you want to become an ‘app master,’ it is also important to think like an entrepreneur. Think about what results you want to achieve — how much revenue can you realistically generate and what is the likely impact on your company? There are many excellent guides that will help with this initial (not to mention completely vital) preparation.

Turn the Vision into a Reality

Once you’ve given considerable thought into your app, your next step is to talk with a reputable app developer.  Preferably, the developer you consult will be upfront about costs and will work within your budget. A good app developer will listen to your vision and help you to translate it to a workable reality, while also helping you to avoid some of the most common app-development pitfalls, such as being too ambitious in the initial stages, or not considering aesthetic appeal. The developer will also help you to identify your target audience more clearly and, if necessary, narrow your focus in order to generate more effective results. Best of all, a good app developer will have the creativity to come up with ideas that perhaps you hadn’t considered — ideas that may really appeal to your potential customers, such as push notifications an other in-app features.  This is an area where we can help – the developers in our network can help turn your vision into reality.

Get Your App ‘Out There’

Marketing your app is perhaps one of the most overlooked aspects of the app development process; yet it is undoubtedly every bit as important as the app itself. Consider this phase carefully, before even embarking on developing your business app.  Take time to think about how you will launch it to your target audience and how best to promote it to ensure that it is as appealing as possible. This may be an area that you are comfortable undertaking yourself, but if not; or if you simply do not have the time to take on the task; consider employing the help of expert app marketing consultants; experienced marketing professionals who are already familiar with the market and can assist you in promoting your app as powerfully and productively as possible.  Again, this is an area where we can help.

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