Beta Testing Your Mobile App

Beta Testing Your Mobile App

Last week we took a look at a couple things you can do to help boost your mobile app revenue once the app goes live.  Today we’re going to discuss the importance of beta-testing your mobile app, and as it turns out, the process of beta-testing can itself go a long way to maximizing your app’s exposure, and therefore its revenue, once it hits the app store’s shelves.

You can almost always assume that no matter how much thought you’ve put into your mobile app in the planning and development stages, somebody out there will find a use for it that you never intended.  The mobile app graveyard is full of products that failed to undergo the appropriate testing, their epitaphs a series of one-star reviews bemoaning unexpected software crashes.  It’s difficult to underestimate the importance of thorough testing before submitting an app to the store.  Distributing the app to a handful of potential customers is almost never enough, as ultimately the goal is to replicate the customer environment as exhaustively as possible.  This might require engaging the services of beta-testing companies, but recent developments suggest that it’s about to get both a lot simpler, and infinitely cheaper.

Sarah Kessler of Mashable recently posted a feature on BetaBait, a company that puts mobile app developers together with an online army of beta testers, and, get this, for free.  BetaBait already has about 750 startups and about 3,000 beta testers participating, but as this is one of those Why-Didn’t-We-Think-of-This-Before sorts of ideas, it’s only a matter of time before both those numbers grow.  The benefits for developers are clear.  Given that the testers themselves are the kinds of people who love mobile apps, and more importantly, love to talk about mobile apps, the process comes with the added benefit of hyping the best products before they even hit the shelves.  Of course, one of the ways startups seek to generate good press for their products is by contacting publications like Mashable directly; but as Kessler herself points out, “I have 3,640 unopened emails in my inbox that can attest to the efficiency of that route.

So, if you’ve got an app in development, think about testing.  If your idea is still in the idea stage, contact us and we’ll put you in touch with some experienced developers to bring your idea to reality.

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