Crowd Sourcing for Mobile Apps

You’ve probably heard of Kickstarter, billed as “the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects”.  Essentially Kickstarter facilitates micro-investing by putting creative projects up for consideration for those who are willing to “preorder your idea.”  While some of those ideas are questionable at best – the Ron Paul video game, or the $23 bag of rocks, for example – others like the Touchfire iPad keyboard or the theft-resistant bike light have navigated the process to great effect.  Kickstarter is even helping one young man from Missouri find a living dinosaur in the Congo.

But we here at AppMuse are in the mobile app development business, and not the dinosaur-finding business, so we were delighted to learn of the creation of the company AppStori, which is essentially Kickstarter for mobile apps.  Of course, mobile app development itself is increasingly about exploiting niche markets and it’s nice to see Kickstarter’s success branching out to other, more specific domains.

Appstori has likewise learned a thing or two from its predecessor.  Unlike Kickstarter, app ideas that are submitted to Appstori go through an initial filtering process by the company’s review board, to ferret out mobile apps that probably wouldn’t be allowed into the app store anyway (porn, gambling, etc.).  Appstori’s cut is also slightly higher, coming in at 7% compared to Kickstarter’s 5%.

Otherwise the systems are almost identical.  Developers with a mobile app idea set a funding target, expose their idea to potential investors, and money only changes hands once that initial funding goal has been reached.  There are also benefits for those who offer support to mobile app entrepreneurs, such as branded merchandise and other app-related goodies.  Perhaps most importantly, Appstori provides an environment where mobile app developers can receive critical input regarding their product from a like-minded community, which can only help in fine-tuning the mobile app idea and giving it a much greater chance of success once it hits the app store.

Of course, if you have a mobile app idea, your first stop should be right here at AppMuse.  Contact us, and we’ll put you in touch with reputable developers who will provide you with three free quotes for your app idea, allowing you to know precisely how much you’ll need to make that idea a reality.

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