Do I Really Need a Mobile App for My Business?

Lately we’ve been noticing the resurrection of a debate concerning mobile apps for business.  Specifically, do today’s businesses really need their very own mobile apps?  The world is going mobile, that much is certain, but there seem to be quite a few commentators out there who believe that the mobile web is sufficient to meet most business needs.

Take, for example, this commentary by Art Wittman at Information Week.  The article’s tag line says it all:  “Unless your app truly is a special snowflake, think long and hard about adding it to the pile – lest it get buried.”  While Wittman does a capable job of summarizing the debate, for an app to be “buried” in the vast number of other mobile apps in the stores would imply that a business’s mobile app is in independent competition with other apps on its own merits.  Of course, if all your business is conducted virtually then you’ll definitely want a mobile app, a mobile-friendly web page, a traditional web page, the whole nine yards.  But in most cases, the mobile app is meant to serve as an enhancement for an existing brick-and-mortar business operation.

And Wittman is right about one thing:  if the mobile app doesn’t serve to enhance your customers’ experience, then you need to head back to the drawing board.  John Gruber of Daring Fireball added to that:  while the app store upload and approval process can be irksome to developers, it’s not so for consumers.  “User experience matters,” writes Gruber, and “in 2013, even the best-crafted mobile web apps come nowhere near the quality of experience of the best native apps. In fact, with but a few exceptions, the best mobile web apps today still don’t approach the quality of the first batch of native iPhone apps from 2007.”

There are of course a number of more complex factors to consider when making a decision to develop a mobile app for your business, the pros and cons of which have been expertly summarized over at VentureBeat.  But were we to sum up our own opinion on the subject, it would be this:  anything worth doing is worth doing well, so if you’re planning on developing a mobile app for your business, make sure it’s something special enough to bring real value to your customers. Appmuse has wide range of network of those highly experienced and potential mobile app developers who have created mobile apps for corporate clients in the past quite successfully. We help our customers in getting ball park quotes from 3 different mobile app companies by filling up our quote request form

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