Do I Really Need a Mobile App for My Business?

It’s sometimes difficult to imagine what life was like before mobile technology revolutionized the way human beings communicate with one another, and it’s equally difficult to imagine any business being successful without having at least some method for its customers to interact with it through their smartphones.  There are a number of ways to achieve this indispensable goal – good old-fashioned web pages, web pages that are optimized for mobile content, and mobile applications.  Today we’re going to consider whether or not having a mobile app is a wise investment for your business.

The short answer is “yes.”  The longer answer is more complex, and for this discussion we’re going to assume that you’re considering developing a mobile app to bolster an existing business.  In other words, if the product you’re selling is the app itself, you need to turn the question around and ask, “Do I need a business for my mobile app?”  (Again, the short answer is “yes.”)

First things first: don’t develop a mobile app just for the sake of it.  Your mobile app is a tool, so before you make the decision to acquire one, you need to know precisely how you expect it to make your business run more smoothly, more efficiently, and less expensively.  Will it be, for example, a strictly internal app designed to optimize schedules, cut down on paper waste, and allow your employees to communicate more efficiently?

Or will you be using your mobile app as a marketing tool?  If so, then the quality of its content and its functionality are supremely important considerations to take into account once you commit to developing the app itself.  Content is king, and will make all the difference between an app that enhances your business and expands your customer base, and one that will merely wastes your money.

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Next week we’ll look more closely at the factors you’ll need to consider when deciding to develop a mobile app for your business, so stay tuned!

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