Does My Small Business Need a Mobile App? (Part 2)

Last week we took a look at a study generated by the Small Business and Entrepreneurial Council that demonstrated fairly convincingly that small businesses really do need a mobile app if they’re to compete in the 21st century.  Today we’re going to consider some additional figures that reinforce that opinion.

According to Google research from May 2012, the average smartphone user has 28 apps, used eleven of them in the last 30 days, and paid for six of them.  A separate study conducted by the analytics firm Flurry in December 2012 shows the average American consumer spends 127 minutes per day on mobile apps, a 35% increase from 2011.  Granted, much of that time is spent on games and social media, but smart entrepreneurs will realize that that level of engagement with mobile tech can only benefit businesses with a robust mobile presence.

Of course, there are significant benefits to developing a mobile app that go beyond simple exposure, three of which have been enumerated by Tech Republic.  First, maintaining a mobile app can keep you in touch with local customers and provide discounts and special offers.  You’ll also be able to improve your customer support, as your mobile app will provide one new and very convenient way for your customers to communicate with you.  And last, your mobile app will provide hard numbers that will allow you to collect and analyze data on your customers’ habits and needs.

And if you’re concerned about cost, you shouldn’t be.  While developing a mobile app can certainly run into the tens of thousands of dollars, it certainly doesn’t have to.  Here at AppMuse, for example, we can get you started with your own mobile app for as little as $550.

In any event, as Wired Magazine noted in late April, this is “a trend that cannot be stopped,” so if you haven’t already developed a mobile app for your small business, it’s time to get cracking.

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