Facebook’s New App Center

If its billion dollar acquisition of Instagram didn’t manage to convince you that it’s beginning to take mobile tech seriously, last week Facebook announced the launch of the App Center, a new place to locate, review, and browse mobile apps.  Facebook insists, however, that its new mobile app hub is not to be confused with an app store per se, telling Venture Beat that when users wish to purchase a particular app, they will then be directed to the appropriate store, whether that be for Android or iOS devices.

Of course, we’ve been telling our clients to maintain an updated Facebook presence for some time now, and the launch of Facebook’s App Center will now provide developers with yet another venue for featuring their quality products.  In fact, if the rhetoric is any indication, Facebook seems to be bending over backwards to facilitate developer interest in its new mobile ecosystem.  In the second line of its launch announcement, for example, Facebook spokesman Aaron Brady states “the App Center gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful.”  Is there any doubt they’re giving developer interest and participation at least as much importance as they are to their clients searching for mobile apps?  Facebook already made its guidelines available for public consumption.  It also set up a comprehensive tutorial for developers who might want to use the new venue.

This is wonderful news for developers.  Given the saturation in the mobile app market, one of the greatest challenges for developers lately has been figuring out how to expose their products to the broadest possible public.  Getting featured in any of the existing app stores is difficult and seems to be based on luck as much as anything else.  The introduction of a new mobile app ecosystem with, at present, nine hundred million subscribers will certainly make it easier for quality products to be discovered and sold.

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