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As proposals are submitted, you’ll need to vet the most promising developers to create a short list of people you want to take on to the interview phase. Here are some points to look for:

Your budget of spending money is really important for us and should not get wasted. In that case, you should vet the most valuable developer, before finalizing them for your app development. Here is what you should look for:

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1)Professional Behavior

How are they going to present themselves in front of you? Does they care about your expectations?


Do they have technical skills in developing iPhone and android apps? Check out that they have sound knowledge of languages(Swift, Core Java, React Native etc.) that they need to work on.


Do they have any experience in building other mobile apps in the same industry, you are interested in? Even if the answer is No, you can check the mobile apps they have built similar apps in different business domains. As in, the developer who knows about building taxi apps, can definitely build food delivery apps as well.


Whats does their existing or previously worked clients say about them? While reviewing their feedback, check if they are able to solve complex problems, communicate nicely, response time, adhere to delivery timelines, availability in their constant support once the app is live over the app stores and google playstores.


Check out their portfolio and ask them to present which technologies they have used and are able to meet client’s needs and expectations. Check out the UI design they have built up and its easy to use. Are there any crashes or bugs in the work they have done previously? Does their portfolio contain apps integrated with backend database and admin panel? Finally check the holistic approach they have used while developing the mobile app.

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