Five Ways to Market Your Mobile App

Five Ways to Market Your Mobile App

There are millions of active mobile apps in the marketplace these days, and while making sure your app is of high quality is every bit as imperative as it’s always been, it’s no longer enough merely to upload it to the store and hope for the best.  Here are five steps you should consider taking to ensure that your mobile app will earn the success it deserves:

1.     Branding.  

This is the only part of the advertising process that takes place in the brainstorming phase, but it’s also the most important.  What sort of personality do you want your app to have?  Is it cheeky?  Serious?  Wacky?  Fun-loving?  Informative?  Consider these factors when you’re designing your logo and coming up with a name for your app.

2.     Create a website, and update it. 

In spite of the explosive popularity of mobile tech, many of your prospective customers still browse the web the old-fashioned way, by entering search terms in a desktop computer’s browser.  Make sure they can find you by creating a website, and keep its information up to date.

3.     Network.

Mashable refers to this process as “Buzz”, and it involves creating and maintaining a presence on social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  The beauty of such advertising venues is that they’re free, but you need to make sure you keep a close eye on them, that you respond to potential customers who visit you, and that you update as often as possible.

4.     Maintain a web presence. 

Most major websites maintain forums for their users, and it’s a great idea to create profiles on sites where your potential customers congregate so you can introduce them to your product.  Bear in mind that such sites can be unfriendly to users who are only there to peddle their wares; make sure you engage in discussions as often as you can.  You never know, they might even help you improve your own product in the long run.

5.     Beta Testing.

Getting a major mobile app site to review your app would be wonderful, but those reviewers are so massively over-solicited that it’s something you can’t count on.  Tap into communities like BetaBait who will not only test your app, but start talking about it as well.  For more information, see our post on beta testing.

Of course, nothing beats having a high-quality app to begin with, and if you’ve a great idea for a mobile app, drop us a line!

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