Great Back-to-School Apps

Great Back-to-School Apps

It’s that time of year again … time to hit the shops for new school clothes, Trapper Keepers, and number two pencils or, if your kids are a bit older, to pack everything up in the minivan and slice your fingers to ribbons assembling that Ikea desk for your daughter’s dorm.  Of course, with schools doing their best to keep up with the digital age, it’s nice to know there are a few mobile apps out there to help ease you through the process.

First, In a Nutshell put together a useful list of apps that includes many of the back-to-school needs you might not have thought of.  For example, there’s DinnerSpinner to help you adjust to the mealtimes your new schedule demands, or MyHomeworkNow, which helps organize school assignments in addition to alerting you to school announcements for snow days and the like.

PC World compiled a list of great back-to-school apps, a couple of which can alleviate at least some of the stress on your pocketbook.  Back-to-school shopping generally involves separate trips to quite a few stores.  Personal finance apps like Mint can help keep track of your expenditures while you’re on the go.  Also, if you have a student in college, you’re no stranger to the soaring cost of university textbooks – the average student spends almost $1,000 per year on books.  Make sure you check out the Amazon mobile app for paper books or the Kno Textbook app for e-books you can read on your iPad at reasonable prices.  You can even rent textbooks using your mobile phone – check out the Chegg app.

As for apps that might help students learn, check out Android’s FlashcardsToGo or’s Flashcards for the younger students in your family.  For the older students, Wolfram Alpha is definitely worth the purchase price, in addition to the host of course assistance apps that cover everything from music theory to multivariable calculus.

Do you have a favorite school-related app?  Leave a comment and tell us about it.  And, if you’re wishing there was an app we haven’t listed here that could help you through these stressful back-to-school times, drop us an e-mail and we might just be able to help you develop it.

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