How much does it cost to develop an app in 2019? : The Ultimate Guide for Success

Time frame & Average Cost to develop An App : Calculate your App development cost

The first question arises in everyone’s mind when thinking of taking their business to next level is by having a mobile app built. Then kicks-in is the reality what the app should focus upon, how it should look, what platform should we cover. Most of the time all of these question get answered with one statement of how much does it cost to develop a mobile app?.

The app development cost ranges like buying smartphones from local market to branded smart mobile. In simple terms cost to develop an app increases with the number of features needed by your business.

An App with basic features like Login & Authentication, Geo Location, GPS Tracking, Push Notifications, Social Media Integration, User Review & Ratings, Search Bar will cost around $700 to $1800.

An app with enhanced features like In App Purchase, AdMob, iAd, Mobile Payment, Chat Messaging, AI ChatBot, Security Encryption like Triple DES, RSA, Twofish will cost around $3000 to $5000.

If you are looking for business Apps like Online Shopping eCommerce App, Taxi App, Photo App, Food Delivery App, AI and AR Apps, Dating Apps, Restaurant Apps, Pizza Delivery Apps, then the development cost ranges from $8000 to $25000, depending on the quality of UI/UX designs you choose.

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App Cost Calculator – Calculate Ball Park Figure for your Mobile App.

Alex Ahlund, the former CEO of AppVee and AndroidApps, and later an advisor to Appolicious,  wrote a guest blog article about app sales on TechCrunch . According to that article, a survey of 96 mobile app developers showed the average cost to develop an app was $6,453.

An article on OS X Daily about iPhone development costs, reported that the development cost range for “small apps” is $100 to $8,000 and that “more complex or recognised brand apps”can cost $10,000 to $50,000. A well-written article on explored the cost of building a mobile app and suggested the development costs (as compared to design and other costs) range from $1000 to $60,000 or more.

On average with the industry terms and standards, mostly online mobile application cost calculators show between $50,000 and $350,000. A firm backed by years of experience in building app charges  between $100,000 and $500,000 based upon the dozens of features one may need.

Don’t Panic – If cost is the factor that worries you, we can assure that our App Cost Calculator will help you to get a realistic cost of a mobile app development.

Using our Calculator, An app with basic features will cost you anywhere between $500 – $5000, and an app with specific features along with backend integration will cost you between $5,000 and $50,000, which is a great opportunity for all type of business.

App Cost Calculator is a simple way and considerations brief to know about the app development cost.

Still having any question in your mind? We can help you to connect with App Experts from Top 3 App development agencies. In order to get connected(via phone or email), you can fill our Quote Request Form, or go to Our Contact Us Page.

Next is, we bring to you various important features of an app, which actually determine in finding the cost to develop a mobile app. 

App development Cost, by key mobile app features

1) User Login & Authentication Module

This is required when user have to register themselves and then log in into an app to use it. They can register via email or phone number, verifying it via OTP (One time Password). The greater practice now a days is to use social media account like facebook, to login into the app. These Social media accounts automatically creates user profile and collects all of its data. Creating this standard mobile app module requires around 50 – 70 hrs, which costs around $800 – $1000.

2) Payment Integration Module & In App Purchases

Payment integration is a very common practice these days, so that user can make a purchase within the app. There are various options available by multiple service providers to choose from. This includes Apple Pay, Google Wallet, Stripe Integration, Intuit, Braintree, Paypal etc.

Once the payment integration module is created, In App purchases then helps user to purchase items like products or services, subscriptions and their renewals, refunds, providing discounts or bonus etc. Creating this entire module requires around 50 – 60 hrs, which will cost approximately $700 – $1000.

3) User Review and Rating Module

Ratings and Reviews for a mobile app are the benchmarks for app quality. This is the most important part, when it comes to App installs by users. Users look for authenticate and relevant reviews from other users over App store and Google Play store. Then they consider star ratings ranging from 1 to 5 star. This helps for both conversion rate to download the app and its visibility. Creating this module requires 20 hrs of work, and this costs around $300 – $500.

4) Chat Messaging and AI ChatBot

Its an important feature, when it comes to apps like Taxi app, e-commerce, shopping apps, food delivery apps etc. In brief, one should know what kind of chat messaging module is required? Do we need a normal person to person messaging? Do we require file transfer system? Do we need AI Chatbot?

AI Chatbot development basically uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning to answer a long list of questions automatically and answering them over chat messaging window.

The Chat Messaging module, without AI integration requires 40 – 50 hrs, and cost $700 – $900. If AI Chatbot development is essential, then this requires 80 – 100 hrs of effort, which costs around $800 – $1000.

5) Push Notification (This includes APNS and Firebase Messaging service)

Almost every mobile app idea in this world, whether an iOS or an Android app, uses this essential mobile app capability. Push Notification provides real-time updates, which help users to keep them informed about app related activities. This helps in increasing users engagement with an app, and encourage them to use your app effectively.

This service can be implemented using APNS, Firebase messaging service, PushWoosh, UrbanAirship etc. Developing this module requires 50 – 60 hrs of effort, which costs around $500 – $800.

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Let’s find the cost &
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6) Audio/Video Streaming

There is a rapid growth in demand for video content, and people are moving to stream services within an app. Real-time Audio and video streaming are used by apps like Hulu, Youtube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime, News Channels like HBO Now, USA Today, Fox News etc.

Audio and video streaming feature requires real-time data processing and then sending it to the streaming server and finally getting it transmitted without any delays. Secondly, what kind of video and audio formats needs to be supported? How much the Audience, resolution, and bitrate is required? Do we require constant bitrate(CBR) or variable bitrate(VBR)? Developing this module or independent app requires considerable amount of time, almost 180 – 270 hrs, and costs around $3000 – $4500.

7) End to End Security & Data Encryption

In order to prevent unauthorised access to any hackers, encrypting of data is must for any mobile apps created for business purpose. There are various threats like Injecting Malware into the apps, stealing customer data, stealing credit card information from the apps, tampering with the application code, accessing your IP address etc.

To achieve data security, Mobile apps and websites uses various data security encryption methods like using HTTPS for secure communications and validating servers identity before accessing any databases, Triple DES, RSA, Blowfish, Twofish, AES Getting this module developed requires 40 – 50 hrs of effort, which costs around $700 – $1200.

Final Thoughts & Conclusion

So, how much does it cost to develop a mobile app? There is however, long list of features, while developing a mobile app that can contribute a great value to your business. Therefore, if you are looking to find the cost to make an app, you can fill our Quote Request Form, go to our Contact Us page . Maximum of 3 App Development Agencies will connect you (via phone and email) within 1 business day.

Let’s find the cost & Build Your App

Let’s find the cost &
Build Your App
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