Interesting Android Apps

Interesting Android Apps

A lot of hard work and creativity goes into developing apps.  Android app developers take unique ideas and turn them into reality, creating mobile software that help users work, learn, save time, or relax.  With over 150,000 apps now available in the Android Marketplace, there are plenty to choose from.   Here are a few of our picks for most interesting apps for Android:

Fun App:  Google Sky Map

Simply point your phone at the night sky and this app will tell you what you’re seeing.  This app comes with a great bonus. Plane Finder, an app that identifies planes flying overhead, telling you the airline and flight number, departure and arrival airports, altitude, speed, and more.  Imagine how much fun budding astronomers could have with this app.

Productivity App:  Documents To Go

This aptly named app (an “apt app?”) allows you to take documents with you on your Android device.  A free version will let you view email attachments.  The paid full version will give you access to Microsoft Office and PDF documents from anywhere you have your phone. This is a perfect app for that on-the-go professional who doesn’t want to lug a laptop around.

Game App:  Worms

The wildly popular 2D shooter PC game is finally available for your Android device.  Who needs unhappy avian fighters when you can arm your favorite annelid? This app from EA proves once again that Electronic Arts knows what their consumers find engaging and fun. Look for more of this type of entertaining and addictive app to come from the vaults of EA’s creative genius on a regular basis.

Travel App:  Wikitude

You’re traveling around and get stuck in an airport in a city that you don’t know anything about. This is not uncommon these days, but with many of the apps now out there, the stranded traveler’s life is a lot easier. Wikitude is an augmented reality app that gives you location and travel information.  Point the camera on our Android device at just about anything and relevant content is superimposed on the picture.

What’s your pick for most interesting Android app?

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