The Key to Apple’s Smartphone Success

, but today we thought we’d revisit the issue and consider other possible sources for the company’s wild success in the smartphone market.  Of course,
is dominating the news cycle, but Apple’s latest device was released to at best mixed reviews, considering that
s improvements are evolutionary, rather than revolutionary.  In other words, everything about it is better than its predecessor, but nothing about it is really new.

And that’s okay, according to ” rather than the quality of the hardware, that determines the long-term future of a product line and the loyalty that engenders in its consumers. 
rolina Milanesi of Gartner Research agrees: “Where [Apple] is pushing the envelope, and where they remain the one to beat, is on the experience those features bring to the consumer.”  Apple doesn’t just introduce a device with a faster processor and a longer battery life, but rather upgrades its entire ecosystem – OS, apps, iTunes and all – in one stroke.  It spends less time boasting about megapixels, in other words, and more time telling us how it’s going to make pictures of our children look better.

This is something the iPhone’s competitors struggle with, largely because no single entity has control over the whole ecosystem.  This is the blessing and the curse of the kind of open-sourced operating system like Android. 
than 10% of the Android smartphones in circulation are running the latest OS, and the software engineers and the hardware manufacturers risk making promises the other can’t keep.  Apple, on the other hand, avoids this risk by its control of every step of the entire process from beginning to end.

This is one of the reasons that iOS remains the platform of choice for most discerning mobile app developers.  Android’s OS and hardware are of course top-notch, but at some point everyone involved with it will need to spend a bit more time focusing on the whole rather than on the sum of its parts.

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