Mobile Apps for Giving

Mobile Apps for Giving

If you’re in the thick of the hectic shopping season, you’ve probably got at least one person on your holiday gift list who’s clamoring for an iPhone, an iPad or Android tablet, or some other shiny and inviting piece of mobile tech.  You might be looking to stock those devices up with songs, books, videos, and, of course, mobile apps, but this week we thought we might pause for a moment and consider those who are using the wonders of mobile technology to bring the holiday spirit to those of us otherwise caught up in typical mercantilism.

We came across this video by the BBC, for example, that features a program developed by Apps For Good, whereby youngsters in Britain are taught and encouraged to develop their own mobile apps in the classroom.  The students involved all proclaim that the program is empowering and provides them with the tools not only to solve their own particular problems with the apps they develop, but also to acquire the essential and highly prized tech skills they’ll need for a promising future in the workplace.

This is not to be confused with Applications For Good, this one an American organization, involved in setting up contests and challenges for disadvantaged youth, medicine management for senior citizens, and allowing subscribers to rate nonprofits and charities in their communities.  And if you’re having trouble deciding on a charity this year, or aren’t sure how best to give to those causes dear to you, Mobile Giving assists smartphone owners in providing to their favorite charities merely through the sending of text messages.

Of course, it’s an article of faith for those of us here at AppMuse that mobile apps are one of the best ways available to keep people in touch with the world.  Unfortunately a lot of nonprofits are shying away from mobile app development in favor of allocating their resources to those in need.  The good news is that organizations like RO4R are helping out by offering 1,000 mobile apps for free for nonprofits, charities, and churches this holiday season.

If you’re thinking about developing your own app to help spread the season’s spirit this year or next, make sure you drop us a line, and we’ll help get you started.

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