Must-have apps for the zombie apocalypse

Must-have apps for the zombie apocalypse

There are those who believe – cynically, it is suggested – that the Center for Disease Control released its Zombie Apocalypse Survival Guide merely to generate traffic to its website and raise awareness for its other endeavors.  We here at AppMuse, however, choose not to take such information lightly.  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, any apps requiring an external database will be useless, as we have to assume that the personnel in charge of them will probably be compromised.  The same goes for GPS-based apps; there won’t be zombies in space, of course, but we can’t speak to the security of the Air Force personnel in charge of maintaining them.  With that in mind, here are some mobile apps you shouldn’t be without when the zombies come knocking.

  • First, you’ll need some practice.  You’ll never know how you’ll react when the zombies are at your door, but with apps such as Plants vs. Zombies and Zombie Apocalypse, at least you’ll be able to get a few practice swings in.  Also, if you’re low on shotgun shells but have access to a soccer ball, then Pro Zombie Soccer might just save your life.
  • Assuming you’re steering clear of urban areas—which we highly advise—you’ll still need to make sure you’ve enough supplies to survive, and for that, the aptly named Zombie Invasion Preparation app may very well save your life.  With this app you’ll be able to tailor shopping lists, monitor restock levels, and receive suggestions for items you may not have thought of.
  • There are hundreds of flashlight apps out there.  Make sure you have at least two.
  • We expect you’ll be seeking the safety of uninfected human communities, but there’s also a chance you and they may not speak the same language.  We therefore highly recommend you acquire a translation app, preferably one that can speak for you.
  • We’ve all seen the movies; at some point the sassy sidekick will try to flee the zombie horde in an automobile, which will choose that precise moment not to turn over.  Make sure you equip your vehicle with a remote car-starter app.  It may not start the car, but at least you’ll know whether it’s safe to climb inside.

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