Must-Have Apps for Your Summer Vacation

Must-Have Apps for Your Summer Vacation

If you’re anything like us, your kids are out of school and are clamoring for something fun to do, and perhaps you yourself are looking forward to that long-awaited vacation you’ve been planning all year.  Whatever the case, here are some of the most useful apps out there to make sure your summer fun goes off without a hitch.

Of course, before you depart, you’ll need to pack.  You probably already know what a drag this can be, but the good news is Will Park of IntoMobile included in his list of best road trip apps an app that will make that process a bit easier:  UPackingList.  Other packing apps worth looking into are Packing Pro and Plan.Pack.Go.

Regardless of where you end up going this summer, two things are quite likely: first, that the sun will be out, and two, that the mosquitos have beaten you there.  The Environmental Working Group produced an excellent sunscreen app that will let you see how effective your chosen product is or help you choose one if you’re not sure what to slather on you or your kids.  Sunscreen won’t keep the mosquitos at bay, but the folks at the Hiking Boots Blog compiled a list of useful hiking apps that includes two apps designed to emit high-frequency tones to keep those pests from ruining your vacation:  Bug Repellent and Mosquito Device.

Getting lost can be part of any summer vacation.  Whether you’re hiking in the woods, navigating the winding alleys of Nice, or merely looking for your RV in a parking lot, the folks at Macworld highly recommend the Compass Go app, which can help you find your way back to your starting point once you set the initial location into your phone.  Of course, if you’re one of those travelers for whom getting lost represents the best part of the experience, you can use GPS apps to find yourself (assuming you want to find yourself).  There are also apps to help you identify landmarks: TipB’s favorite summer apps post showcases Beautiful Planet, and, for the Android users, ZDNet included Google Goggles in its list of useful summer apps.

Travel wisely, travel safely, and have a great summer!

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