Networking Your Mobile App

Networking Your Mobile App

If you’ve developed a mobile app, you know that coding is just part of the big picture.  You may have the next big thing, but if nobody knows about it, it’s not going to get any market penetration.  Although much of the work we do at AppMuse is about mobile app development, we also offer app marketing services.  Indeed, as this post about app marketing by Ken Yarmosh on Mashable notes, marketing should occur during development and should not be something you wait to do after launching your app.

There are many places and outlets at which you could market your app.  Some will be more effective, and more cost-effective, than others.  A key part of every app marketing strategy should be network marketing.  And by that we’re not talking about multilevel marketing businesses.  Nope.  We’re talking about working your networks – social and otherwise – to get the word out about your app.  Here are some starters:

  • Bloggers. The blogosphere is a very powerful and efficient information distribution system.  Best of all, it’s low cost.  There are legions of bloggers looking for content to post.  The collective number of readers for these sites is enormous!  Reaching out to bloggers who write about subjects relative to your app is the essence of smart marketing.  Bloggers quickly post reviews about new apps or other relevant information.  As part of your app marketing strategy you should build a network of bloggers, to whom you can feed information about your app or the segment of the app market of interest to you.  Think of this as the beginning of the marketing process, something you can do affordably – reserve enough time to contact all the bloggers you want to reach – and something you can measure daily.
  • Facebook. Your app needs a Facebook page. Which means, between updating your own status on Facebook (and emailing your Facebook “friends”), you should create a page for your app. Get people excited to buy your app! Post screen shots and images about your app.  Ask for reviews! Regularly update your app’s Facebook page with short comments, links to reviews, praise from consumers and other noteworthy information. Facebook is an interactive medium, so you should embrace the ease – it does not cost anything to create a page for your app – and effectiveness of this medium.  By engaging your customers, you can leverage their networks as they can engage others for you.
  • Reporters. Finally, make an effort to build a network of reporters.  Identify and introduce yourself to journalists who write about subjects relating to your app.  Reporters crave content, and a story about your app may appeal to a writer or editor who wants to cover your app. Start by selecting the publications you want to target – contact information for most reporters is online – and distinguish yourself as someone worth knowing. Remember: information – not superfluous cheerleading – sells, so tell reporters who you are, what your app does, what it costs, and why it matters. That formula emphasizes news; the rest is advertising.

You need a strategy to distinguish your app from the hundreds of thousands of other apps already in the marketplace.  A key component of that strategy should be working your network of professional and personal contacts.  If you need more help mapping out and executing a marketing strategy for your mobile app, see our marketing services page or shoot me an e-mail.

If you thought coding it was difficult, wait till you get to marketing it! Here at AppMuse, we have the networks, strategies and expertise that ensure you get the Mobile app marketing services ever!

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