Peddling your wares: Marketing your mobile app

Peddling your wares:  Marketing your mobile app

Earlier this week, we mused about the importance of naming strategies for mobile apps.  Today we explore other important elements to consider when your app is ready for launch.

  • Target a specific demographic.  The more specific, the better. Most successful apps solve a specific problem for a specific group of people, say, Cajun food aficionados in Houston or children who don’t know how to tie their shoes.  (Incidentally, it says something about the culture that children these days are learning to navigate mobile apps before they learn to tie their shoes.)  The better you are at isolating your target demographic, the more success you’ll have selling your app.
  • Saturate. And start with a website. In spite of the fact that the IT world has been predicting the demise of the desktop since as early as 2005, the fact of the matter is that millions of people still search for their apps the old fashioned way, by Googling their search terms on desktops.  If you want your app exposed to these consumers – and you very decidedly do – then you need not only to create a site that’s appealing, you likewise want to optimize it in such a way that it ranks highly on search engine results.  Such optimization is hard work, but it is absolutely worth the effort.
  • Network, network, network. If you’ve seen the film, you know that Facebook boasts over half a billion subscribers.  You’ll want to create a Facebook page for your app and maintain it meticulously.  Additionally, if you have yet to create an account at LinkedIn, you should do so immediately, and begin trying to ferret out those user groups who might be interested in your app, and join them.  You should likewise open a Twitter account and post updates as often as it makes sense to do so.  Depending on the nature of your app, you should also seek out user groups and sites that your app is hoping to target.
  • Blog. Trust us when we tell you that it’s not all that easy to come up with something new to say week in and week out, but there are thousands of blogs out there, many of which are speaking directly to your selected customer demographic.  Keep your readers abreast of your progress, and try to link to as many relevant blogs as you can; they’re often grateful enough to redirect their own traffic your way from time to time.
  • Reviews. As someone with an app idea, we hope you’ve spent some time reading reviews of existing apps to get a feel for what consumers want.  (If you haven’t, go do so now.  We’ll wait.)  If you’re skittish about having your own app reviewed, it’s probably not ready for release.  If you’re ready to go, have your app assessed by a reputable reviewer – the key word being “reputable,” because if Apple finds you’ve shelled out cash for a good review, they’ll kick your app out of the store.

The app market is exploding at breakneck speed, and what that means is that your app, regardless of what it does, is unlikely to be one of a kind.  In order to put your app before the eyes of those who might wish to download it, an aggressive strategy is required.  Good luck!

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