Questions to Ask Before Developing a Mobile App

With hundreds of thousands of mobile apps available in the various app stores, you might think that your app idea has already been done before.  But take heart!  If your mobile app is in the idea stage, just ask yourself these questions and you might just find it’s still worth pursuing:

  1. Has this app been done before?  You’ll have to spend some time looking through the app stores, but unless you find an app that’s exactly like yours, you’re still in the running.  Remember, Instagram is an app that unites photo editing and social networking – both of which had been done to death – and it just sold for a billion dollars.
  2. Who will use my mobile app?  When planning any product for market, ask yourself the following:  Do I need this?  Would I use this?  If the answer is “no,” then it’s back to the drawing board.  But if your mobile app speaks to a specific need – and the more specific, the better – then you’re right on track.  It’s also worth your time to read customer reviews for apps like yours to see what they’re missing.  If you see enough users writing things like, “Great app, but I wish it had X, Y, or Z,” then see if you can add X, Y, and Z to your app.
  3. How can I make money?  There are a number ways to monetize your mobile app, and it’s wise to think about which of those will work best with your app idea.  Making your app free of charge is definitely a selling point, in which case you’re probably going to choose ad-based revenue or the freemium model.   If you think your app is one that people would be willing to buy, then consider a paid model, though we should probably note that such apps fare substantially less well on Android platforms.

Of course, if your mobile app is still in the idea stage, the smartest thing you can do is give us a call; we’ll set you up with three reputable developers who will provide you with free quotes for their services, so you can know exactly what you’re getting into before you get started.

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