Real Life Apps® – A Smart Way to Direct Resort Visitors

Real Life Apps® – A Smart Way to Direct Resort Visitors

Mobile apps for resortsSure, businesses and social networking sites have apps, but park and resort properties are now jumping on the mobile app bandwagon as well. And why not?  A mobile app is a great way to give park or resort visitors access to information that they might have had a difficult time finding, such as where to find a certain area or landmark.

An example of a resort with a custom app is Jackson Hole, a popular mountain resort in Wyoming. The app, JH Tapped, took off when crowned it the “Resort App King” this winter for snowboarders and skiers visiting the area.  JH Tapped uses GPS technology so users always know where they and their friends are located – on the trail map! A social network interface allows users to upload photos and email friends.  The app also includes quick and easy access to trail information, ski lift status, and weather reports.  The developer of JH Tapped also has apps for Smuggler’s Notch and Mammoth ski areas.

There are endless possibilities for mobile apps for parks and resorts. What else could a mobile app do for a park or resort property?  Here are some ideas:

  • Help reduce your operating costs. A custom mobile app can keep employees involved and up to date on any new developments. Work schedules, operating manuals, emergency procedures, park or resort laws, and other information can be quickly accessed and easily updated.
  • Help keep your operations fluid. A custom mobile app can give your visitors a quick and easy way to ask questions. The same app can also keep employees up to date on special events, allowing you to keep your employees informed about what is going on around the property and what may or may not be expected of them.
  • Allow your visitors a stress free and completely informed experience. No one wants to be stressed out about finding a trail, lake, lookout point, or even a store or restaurant. A custom app gives you the opportunity to give your guests access to detailed maps of your entire property, along with point-by-point, site-specific directions. You can even provide full color photos and interesting or historical information.


These are just some examples of things a custom app can do for your park or resort.  A custom app can differentiate you from other resorts and may bring new visitors.  If you operate a park or resort and don’t have an app, what are you waiting for? Give your visitors the best experience you can. It’s not as expensive as you might think and it will make a world of difference for you and your guests.

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