Real Life Apps® – Bakery Apps – As Easy As App-le Pie

Real Life Apps® – Bakery Apps – As Easy As App-le Pie

Setting up a bakery was once a fairly uncomplicated process with a simple business model. After locating a building, buying the ovens, and learning the techniques, you built a reputation through hard work and word of mouth.  Recipes and techniques required to produce tasty bakery items can be picked up with time studying with a master.  And once you made great food, it just flew out the door, right? That was, indeed, the old model.

The new model requires a constant struggle to get and keep customers. The world became a global market frighteningly fast. Now your little bakery must compete with huge corporate chains, many of which are willing to sacrifice ingredient quality to shave a few more cents from the price of their loaves and croissants. The only way an independent producer can compete is to ignore this war of economic scale, and instead focus on distinguishing one’s bake shop through dedication to meticulous quality and unsurpassable customer service.

People will eschew the corn-syrupy cheapness of fast-food baking if they know about the quality and care you put into every item you bake.  The problem is it’s impossible to explain every item to every customer who walks in the door. You need to have them at “hello,” or rather before they even know you exist. It’s much easier and far more effective to let customers know about news, promotions, events, or anything else with a simple mobile app, custom-made for your bakery. Your bakery’s app could alert customers whenever you pull a fresh batch of anything out of the oven. It could be location-based so that people who don’t know you can find you. People need an opportunity to buy your bakery products. When you develop a mobile application with the right functionality, you take responsibility for the buying decision out of consumer’s hands, putting it in their mouths where it belongs.

How can a bakery app help you as a bakery owner?

  • Sales: You cannot sell something unless people know about the product you want to sell. Let your customers know what you have to offer and when it is fresh out of the oven.
  • Reminders: Do you have a mailing list? If so, a mobile app could allow you to interact with your customers, sending them reminders to order a cake for a birthday or special occasion.
  • Promotions: Are you having a buy one, get one sale? A push notification to your frequent customers will prompt them to stop by on their way home to pick up your tasty treat.
  • Nutritional information: Everybody wants to know about ingredients and calories.  You can post that on the wall of your shop.  You can also publish it using a custom app.

Baking is as much about the look as it is about taste and mouth feel. By taking advantage of modern advances in digital imagery, you can ensure that your app has perfect pictures of everything you bake, easily accessible for customers who are planning a party or a romantic night for two. Your developer can even add online ordering functionality, allowing you to take credit card orders directly over a customer’s smart-phone. With a well-crafted mobile device application in your arsenal, you can easily win the baker’s war for the hearts and minds of sweet tooth’s everywhere.

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