Real Life Apps® – Convention Management: Avoid The Worst Mistake You Can Make

Real Life Apps® – Convention Management: Avoid The Worst Mistake You Can Make

Mobile apps for conventionsYour content (exhibitors, speakers, presentations, multimedia) is great, but your participants are not completely satisfied.  Why?

Great content is the first and perhaps most important step in a great convention or meeting, but if a tree falls in the woods and no one hears, does it make a sound?  Most likely what you are lacking is great marketing and communication (before, during, and after) about your event and all benefits you offer to sponsors, exhibitors, and attendees.

Are you marketing your convention or meeting in all possible cost-effective ways?  When the attendees show up at the door, are you doing more than giving them a map and a package of freebees and promotional materials?  Do your giveaways really help market your sponsors or make them easier to find?  Are you helping your exhibitors disseminate information, making your convention more valuable to exhibitors, sponsors, and participants?

Within a week’s time (start to finish) and for less than you spend on bottled water, you can inform, communicate, conduct surveys and collect data, and do a myriad of other things you have always wanted to do – with a custom app for your convention.  Here are just a few of the things a mobile app could do for your convention:

  • Pre-Event Marketing and Communication with Sponsors and Attendees. With a custom app, you can have two-way communication about available sponsorship opportunities, exhibitor requirements, set up, take down, and other information you need to get to your sponsors and exhibitors.  All in real time, right to their mobile devices.
  • Pre-Event Marketing to Attendees. Ever thought about providing content-rich communications to potential attendees?  Ever thought about letting your sponsors and exhibitors do the work for you?  Did you know you could let attendees opt in to content and advertising from your sponsors?  With a custom app, you can provide the kind of real time, free content that will drive your attendance to the next level.
  • Event Communication. The days of handing the attendees a map and a sack of free brochures from sponsors and exhibiters are (or should be) over.  Put your content in an app.  Sell or give away push notifications to sponsors.  Give real time directions to sponsor booths.  Send alarms when important events happen.  Recommend local restaurants and nightspots.  Communicate in real time.  Link to your social media sites.
  • Event Dialog. Real time surveys about speakers and presentations allow participants to give immediate feedback.  That feedback also allows you to adjust schedules and events if desired.  Make speaker bios available on your attendees’ mobile devices.
  • Post-Event Surveys. Take post-event surveys and give immediate feedback to participants about what they liked and what you will do differently to keep your events on the cutting edge.

The possibilities are virtually endless and it costs less than you might think.

Have you attended a conference and thought “I wish they had an app for that?”Leave a comment and tell us about it.

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