Real Life Apps® – Cutting Edge Nightclub Apps

Real Life Apps® – Cutting Edge Nightclub Apps

Apps for nightclubsSuccessful hot spots and nightclubs have historically utilized word of mouth and tipping point trending to generate long velvet rope lines. If you want to get that same effect today, you must get your venue into the virtual world, both on the Internet and on smart phones. Smart phones are the ultimate “word of mouth” opportunity: they’re everywhere and people use them for everything. Your customers are talking about where they are, what they are doing, and what they think about it – all at this very moment! How can you give your customers the freedom and ability to communicate with you and about you? An easy to use, intuitive, informative, custom app.

Just as you’ve selected the ideal location, decor, menu, entertainment, and branding for your club, an app can allow you to track and monitor customer loyalty, attendance trends, and customer satisfaction. It can allow you to communicate with your customers in real time.

Here are some of the things your app savvy competitors are doing:

  • Promotions and Entertainment Schedules – What is happening this week, this month? Who is entertaining and when? What is the cover?
  • Interactive with other social media tools – Allow your customers to share information on their Facebook pages and in their Twitter account instantly.
  • Comment and Review – Use real time surveys and input to get up to the minute information on what your customers like and don’t like. Publish the results on your social media pages.
  • Easy to use photo posting – Nothing attracts attention like a photo or video. Provide customers a vehicle for showing the fun and exciting side of your business.
  • Real Time Communication – Did you just land a great band or DJ? Do you have a schedule change? Alert your loyal customers in real time and they’ll pass the information to their friends.

Clubs need buzz. Customers create buzz. Apps make it easy for customers to talk about you.

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