Real Life Apps® – How Can a Restaurant Build its Customer Base With a Minimal Investment?

Real Life Apps® – How Can a Restaurant Build its Customer Base With a Minimal Investment?

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The restaurant business can eat you alive! The School for Startups Blog reports 80% of restaurants fail within the five years.  Is there anything more important than growing and keeping a loyal customer base?  If you could entice your loyal customers to come in just once or twice more per month and grow the base of loyal customers by a few percentage points every month, how much of a difference would that make to your bottom line?

Business savvy restaurant owners are turning to custom apps to communicate with customers and grow their businesses.  With a relatively small investment the custom mobile app can:

  • Facilitate To Go orders: Publish your to go menu and receive orders through the app.  Add an in-app merchant function and the customer pays at the time or order.
  • Take reservations or in-line requests from your customer’s smart phone directly into your reservation system.
  • Send coupons on a daily or weekly basis.  Do you have a slow day?  Send a daily coupon to generate business.
  • Publish menus on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.  Publish specials and news about what makes your business unique.
  • Inform your customers about things that are important to them.  Do you use locally grown produce?  Do you have customer-centric data about vegetarian dishes and calorie information?
  • Receive mission critical real time feedback from customers about your food and service.
  • Share customer reviews and comments with your fan base.
  • Gather information about who your customers are (demographic surveys) and what they want.
  • Promote the parts of your restaurant that make it special: food, entertainment, service, nightlife.
  • Connect your customers to social media (Facebook, Twitter) platforms.

Building good customer relationships is the key to success in any business – “Touching” the customer with information the customer wants to hear (How can I save money? Or go to my favorite place when there’s not a wait? Or go to that place when they’re serving pork loin again? – is the key to building a good and loyal customer base.  For much less than you might think, a custom app developer can make all these services available to you and your customers in a few weeks.

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