Real Life Apps® – Salons: Increase Your Bottom Line With One Little Tool

Real Life Apps® – Salons: Increase Your Bottom Line With One Little Tool

Mobile apps for salonsSalon owners know well the adage that “keeping a client is harder than getting a new one.”  One way to keep clients, and get new ones, is to have a custom app.  A mobile app shows customers you have a cutting edge salon and know what is important to them.  Apps allow salon owners to stay in touch with existing clients and attract new ones.  Today, it’s all about having everything at your fingertips, no matter where you are. Mobile apps give you that capability.

What do customers get from custom salon apps?

  • Appointments – Clients can book last minute, or future, appointments from their phones. Live scheduling allows them to see if their favorite stylist is available.
  • Reminders -Having your clients on a regular schedule leads to a steady revenue stream.  Remind them to schedule appointments through your mobile app and you take the responsibility of remembering out of their hands.
  • Style -Reduce the time your stylists spend waiting for a client to decide on the latest style. New colors? New Style? No problem. It can all be available on the app. Upload a photo and go.
  • Find a salon – Are you a franchised salon? Do your clients travel? Give them the ability to find a affiliated salon anywhere in the country while travelling by recommending or partnering with other salons.

How can salon owners benefit from having a custom app?

  • Trend intelligence – Know what your clients are searching for and adjust your services accordingly.
  • Sale promotions – Having a slow week? Offer last minute specials to bring in more business.
  • Customer service – Keep ahead of your competitors and retain clients by keeping their preferences in mind and by sending them timely information and deals based on their personal preferences and trends.
  • Referrals – Track referrals. See what is working, or not, and adjust your approach so that your clients refer you more often.
  • Networking – Instead of your client having to search for your phone number when referring you, they can point friends, family, and colleagues to your app. All your information will be there.
  • Localized marketing – Get discovered by having your app in the app store with localized service.  Clients will find you faster than through the phone book.
  • Publish reviews – Great reviews, happy clients? Publish reviews and testimonials on your app.

Your salon clients use mobile apps as part of their daily routine.  If you run a salon and don’t have one, you need one.

What else can a salon app do?  Leave a comment and tell us your ideas.

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