Real Life Apps® – What Are Creative Car Dealerships Doing?

Real Life Apps® – What Are Creative Car Dealerships Doing?

Communication is the key to customer relationships.  No group understands this better than car dealers.  Only a small percentage of a dealership’s profit comes from car sales and most dealers depend on service and parts business to stay in business.  Attracting car owners to the dealership for service is a years long exercise in building customer loyalty.

How many times do you “touch” your customers to remind them of new models, service and warranty requirements, and special deals on everything from end of year model sales to oil changes?  Is your dealership doing everything it can to make it easy for your customers to do business with you?  Are you delivering good information to them about vehicle service and warranty requirements?  Are you making it easy to contact you?  Car dealerships have two primary revenue sources – car sales and service work.  The sales closing rate on a customer’s initial visit is 7-12% according to the National Automobile Dealers Association.  Could a custom app help raise that rate a few percentage points?  We think so.  Could a custom app help assure the customer comes only to you for service?  We think so.

A custom app for your dealership is a comprehensive sales, service, and communication solution. Apps offer efficient sales assistance, time management, safety reassurance, and emergency solutions.  Having your own app can easily be the difference in the customer coming to you or going across the street.  Here are some things a custom app could do for your dealership.

Customer Care:

  • Warranty work – app notifies customers of regular maintenance and warranty requirements
  • Roadside assistance – app notifies towing/repair company of customer’s location and gives an estimate of arrival time
  • No more locked doors – app allows customer to lock or unlock doors
  • Recalls – app notifies customer immediately of recalls

Customer Service:

  • Service – app allows customer to schedule service appointment and check status of repairs
  • Specials – app notifies customers repair or maintenance specials and allows you to target groups of customers or to drive business to the service department on low production days
  • Sales contacts – app allows sales staff to stay in contact with customers and advise of new models or products

Creating a custom app is probably not as expensive as you think and it may cost less than even a single half-page ad in the local newspaper.  Yet, unlike the ad that ends up lining the kitty litter box, your custom app will stay with the customer as long as you do.

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