What can social media marketing do for your app?

What can social media marketing do for your app?

Social media marketing is all the buzz. Companies large and small are spending huge amounts of time and money facebooking, tweeting, uploading videos to YouTube, and otherwise connecting with their customers through social media outlets. How big a deal is it? According to a Fast Company article, the NBA estimates it has more than 54 million online fans and the league says its Facebook marketing efforts led to more than a billion video views. That’s billion, with a B. How can you compete with the NBA’s marketing budget? You don’t have to. The powerful thing about social media marketing is it can be done very inexpensively and even small companies and individuals can effectively compete in this space.

We recently spoke with an entrepreneur about an app development project that is perfect for this form of low-cost but highly effective marketing. The entrepreneur is the mother of an autistic child. She developed simple games that very effectively communicate with her child. She tested the games with other autistic children – same result: effective communication. Secondary result: extremely happy parents of autistic children. Using a developer from our network of app developers, she is having some of her games developed for the iPad. But the games won’t sell themselves to the thousands of children, parents, and educators who could benefit from them and her marketing budget is very limited. She is, however, a member of discussion groups, e-mail lists, and chat rooms of parents with autistic children. In other words, she literally has a (free) sales force of hundreds, ready and willing to blog, discuss, and chat up her products. She has a well-defined market and she knows how to reach it. We’re confident her app will do well.

You may not have the NBA’s marketing budget or even an army of moms out there to market your app, but you have something equally powerful – social media marketing. Update your Facebook page, tweet about your app, upload a YouTube video. Who knows? Your message could go viral, making your app the next big thing.

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