Space-Age Smartphone Accessories

Space-Age Smartphone Accessories

We spend a lot of time marveling at all the technological wizardry that comes pre-packaged with even the simplest of smartphones available on the market, but today we’re going to take a look at some of the more exciting accessories that are available for some of those products.  There are, of course, a near-infinite number of ways you can personalize your smartphone, depending on your own idiosyncrasies, but when it comes to seemingly space-age sophistication, other accessories seem to rival the smartphone itself.

Take, for example, Liquipel, a “nano” coating that boasts the ability to essentially waterproof your smartphone.  Some pundits continue to think of Liquipel as too good to be true.  It requires you to send both your phone and $59 to the company for them to apply the product.  The folks at Liquipel warn that the product won’t allow users to take calls while scuba diving, of course, but is designed for exposure to heavy rains and those accidental (and perhaps inevitable) occasions when they’re dropped in the toilet or the kitchen sink.  As to whether or not it’s too good to be true, we haven’t tried it, but we sure want to believe the product acts as advertised.  Superhydrophobic technology (“waterproofing,” in other words), has made stunning advances in recent years and it certainly seems plausible.  [Speaking of nanotechnology, check out the picture above of ferrofluid flowing toward some magnets under the surface.]

As to whether the same may be said of Nissan’s new “self-healing” iPhone case, the jury is still out.  Called the “Scratch Shield,” the case relies on a polyrotaxane-based paint that reacts to changes (such as cuts and scrapes) and repairs itself to its original state.  Nissan incorporated the technology into their automobiles beginning in 2005 and the company has a history of innovative application when it comes to the technologies it develops.  However, there is some dispute as to whether the product works, or how well it works.  While the case is only at the beta stage right now, Nissan hopes to release it at some time in 2012.

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