10 Questions to ask before hiring & identify Experienced Mobile App Developer

10 Questions to ask before hiring a Mobile App Developer

There are so many mobile app development companies across the globe, that will convince you, but many of them would NOT be able to deliver results as expected by you. Its very easy to start the project with the first one and promises you everything, its better to ask them these 10 most important question to finalize a mobile app developer.

Question 1:    We have an existing mobile app. What are your views over it?

At the moment, if you don’t have a mobile app, but you have a website, see how they can think about it and how they can add value to your business.

If you have an existing mobile app, then listen what they can improve in it, and how they are going to approach to add new updates to it.

But if you have an entirely new idea and you are new to this business, then hear out what all features they can provide to your app and how it can be beneficial from business point of view.

Question 2:    Tell me about other apps you have worked upon in the past?

Check out similar apps they have worked upon previously. Do they have experience in similar domains in developing apps, that you are looking for?

If you cant find them, still its not a problem for you. You can surely check apps they have worked on similar grounds in different business. Say, if they have experience in developing an app like Uber, this means they can definitely create food delivery app like Uber Eats, Swiggy or shopping app like Amazon, flipkart etc.

Question 3:    What’s your delivery timelines?

Gather details about how quickly they can develop the app for you. Even if they are taking more time than any other team of developers, you need to check their quality of work and the final product that they deliver it to you. Its quite ok to compromise, if they they take little more time to deliver, but finally develop your mobile app with a great quality of work.

Question 4:    What triggers in making a great mobile app?

Find out their approach in creating your app and what are their goals to achieve this? Which engagement models they are going to use to create your app? Check out if they are ready to support your app for future updates.

Question 5:    What technologies would you be using while developing iPhone and Android apps?

Check out what type of different languages and databases they will use to get your app developed.

Question 6:    Do they have experience in developing Artificial Intelligence apps, or Augmented Reality Apps?

If you are looking to develop AI related Apps, check if they have created an AI chatbots for any of their apps. For Augmented Reality, you can check for Object Recognition techniques in real world environment.

Question 7:    How are you going to conduct testing of an app?

Testing of an app is very important while development, and once the development is complete. App developers have various methods and techniques for testing. Its better to know it beforehand.

Question 8:    Would you be able to submit the mobile app to App store or Google Play Stores?

Make sure they also help you in submitting your App to the App store, Play Store and get it approved for you.

Question 9:    Would you be able to sign Non Disclosure Agreement with us?

Non Disclosure Agreement helps you in keeping your idea secure. No one else can use your idea and work on it. Therefore, always sign an NDA with your mobile app development company before starting the work.

Question 10:    What are your charges and terms of payment?

Check out their payment terms once the project is about to start. The best way is to start with minimum advance payment in order to start the project and then divide the entire payment into 3 or 4 parts. Finally, release those payments, once your milestone of work completion is achieved.

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