The Future of Mobile Tech

The Future of Mobile Tech

A number of tech pundits have looked into their crystal balls over the last few months.  Considering that there are more iPhones sold per second than there are babies born, it’s no big surprise that most of their predictions revolve around mobile technology.

Many of those predictions stick to currently developing trends and arrive at conclusions that are less than sexy, such as the likelihood that “Apple and Android will continue to increase their respective market shares in the smartphone market”, or that the Blackberry will continue to decline.  Predictable predictions.  Boring.

The spreading acceptance of cloud computing is leading others to describe a future for mobile that’s a lot more fun.  With the recent release of the subscription service Onlive Desktop Plus, which offers a full Windows desktop for tablet computers (including the iPad) and full access to Microsoft Office (not to mention the ability to watch Hulu from a tablet without shelling out for Hulu+), the advantages of cloud access are becoming more apparent by the day.  Kevin Tofel of GigaOM predicts an increase in the number of wearable mobile devices like the MetaWatch, which uses Bluetooth technology to sync notifications to a user’s wrist.

Of course, using a mobile phone to control certain functions in an automobile are old hat by now, but many are suggesting that remote monitoring and control over what we’ll soon be calling our “smart houses” is right around the corner.  The Nest Learning Thermostat has to be one of the coolest tools ever for controlling energy usage in your home.  So cool, that you have to get on a waiting list to get one … A growing number of companies are already offering smart home solutions, but there’s the distinct possibility that homeowners might avail themselves of the plummeting prices in sensors, networked cameras, software, and hardware in order to set up some do-it-yourself solutions.  Indeed, we think home automation will become much more widespread with the availability to control low-cost Arduino circuits using your Android device.

One prediction is certain – mobile applications will only grow in popularity.  If you happen to have a good idea for one, drop us a line and we’ll get you set up with three free app development quotes from our network of experienced mobile app developers.

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