Three key app functions for small businesses

Three key app functions for small businesses

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know we’ve been writing about Real Life Apps® – how custom mobile applications can be used in different kinds of businesses.  Many of the businesses described in our Real Life Apps® series are small businesses.  This blog takes a step back from the granular examination of specific industries and looks at how mobile apps can help any small business.

Running a small business is hard work. Managing the day-to-day flow of people who make your business successful takes a lot of time. A custom smartphone application for your business can streamline these relationship tasks, allowing you to run your business more smoothly, while fostering growth and innovation.  A custom app can be used to address three key relationships in your business – customers, suppliers, and employees.

  1. Customers. Every business has customers – people who use the goods or services you provide. They may be external or internal customers (or both), but they’re still customers.  Successful businesses grow and nuture their customer relationships.  A custom app, branded with your company name and/or logo, can be used to let your customers contact you and your business directly to resolve any and all issues. While some might think such an app is just an expensive e-mail alternative, a custom app can remove the impersonal feeling often associated with e-mail communications. Using your branded app, your customers will see that their concerns are being addressed at the highest levels of your organization.
  2. Suppliers. Just as every business has customers, most have suppliers.  Maintaining your supplier relationships can be simplified immensely using a custom application.  For example, you can use a custom app to streamline your ordering and fulfillment process. The possibilities include pulling all your regular ordering together into a simple, push-button mobile telephone application that lets you generate instant purchase orders when your inventory reaches certain thresholds.
  3. Employees. The third key relationship for every business is the relationship it has with employees.  Your business depends on your employees and many HR functions can be incorporated into a custom app.  For example, you could manage employee time tracking and communications.  You can also allow employees to sign in and out of the workspace or communicate directly with management using their phones.

There are many other tasks a custom mobile app can do for small businesses.  If you have ideas for others, leave a comment or drop us an e-mail.

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