What? Apple may not accept my app for sale in the App Store?

What?  Apple may not accept my app for sale in the App Store?

So, how do you know if your app project will be accepted by Apple? First, read Apple’s App Store guidelines. Second, ask somebody with experience. We see hundreds of iPhone and iPad app ideas each month at our iPhoneAppQuotes.com and iPadApplicationQuotes.com quotesites. Some of them we (politely) decline to send to our network of mobile app developers as it is pretty clear to us the final product would probably not be accepted by Apple. Here are some common problems we see:

  • Modification of the device operating system or other native software. For example, we just turned down an app development project that would allow taking a photo with the iPhone’s camera without user interaction. Another one we regularly hear is the app that won’t let you text when the phone is in motion at more than 10 MPH. Great idea that might prevent a lot of accidents, but it would require messing with the device’s operating system.
  • Simple republication of an Internet site. If people want to visit a website, they can use the device’s built-in browser. A website app just takes up space.
  • Inappropriate language or content. Apple’s guidelines state that apps with content or behavior that is “over the line” will be rejected. That’s more than a bit ambiguous, but, quoting the late Justice Potter Stewart’s famous line about pornography (“I’ll know it when I see it”), Apple says you’ll know when you cross the line.

Want more information on what Apple may or may not allow in the App Store? Check out this article from Apple Insider. Got a great idea for an iPhone or iPad app but not the programming skills to do it yourself? Get three free app development quotes from our iPhone or iPad quote sites.

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