What Would You Do For An iPhone 5?

With Apple set to announce the release of the iPhone 5 this week, it’s no surprise to see the internet exploding in anticipation of all the new bells and whistles that may (or may not) be included in the new device.  And while there are plenty of people out there willing to go to great lengths to get their hands on Apple’s new toy, including sleeping with strangers (or at least dancing for them), as it turns out most of us are at least willing to go into debt to get our hands on the latest iOS sensation.

According to an online study conducted by the coupon code website CouponCodes4U, 81% of respondents admitted they couldn’t afford a new iPhone 5, and yet just over half of those were willing to use a credit card or take out a loan in order not to “feel left out” once the device hits the shelves.  There’s a fairly obvious lesson in fiscal responsibility somewhere in all this, though it’s hard to have that lesson heard over all the hoopla that accompanies an Apple product release announcement.  But do we really need new iPhones?  Are all the old ones broken?

Some of them might be, it turns out.  Apple espouses a manufacturing policy called “planned obsolescence,” which essentially means that it works very hard to make sure consumers buy the latest product, even if that means sabotaging previous products in the line.  This is one of the reasons that you can’t replace your own iPhone battery, which won’t last longer than 300-500 recharge cycles anyway (and for a battery that costs $5 on Amazon, Apple will replace it for $80), and it’s also why you might find yourself shelling out lots of money for new accessories that for some reason don’t fit your older device.

What’s strange is that none of this is a secret, and yet nobody seems to care, least of all those willing to go into hock in order to get their hands on the latest gadget.

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