Writing content and designing graphics for your mobile app

Writing content and designing graphics for your mobile app

A great idea for a mobile app is a rare and wonderful thing, but until it is developed, tested, perfected, and distributed, it is little more than a tragic waste of talent.  Today we’ll help you both to refine the look and feel of your finished product with some tips on writing content and designing graphics.

  • Writing Content: Let’s face it – not everyone can write.  Given the importance of rich and appealing content in the development of any application, it’s worth committing resources to ensure that the job is done well.  The folks at Constant Content compiled a brief list of the things one needs to consider when composing content and that list is certainly worth a look if you’re planning to write your own content.  If you don’t believe yourself to be up to the task, it’s worth hiring someone to do it for you.   Google “content writers” or “freelance writers” and you’ll get millions of hits.  You’ll need to make sure you select someone reputable who’s not afraid to provide you with writing samples so you know precisely what you’re getting yourself into.  If you’re still apprehensive about the hiring process, Idea Launch recently posted an article with tips for hiring content writers.
  • Graphics:  If yours is an original app, you’re going to require artwork.  Branding of your application is supremely important and the images associated with your app will be an integral part of that brand.  To develop a successful app, you’ll need a visual presentation that flows seamlessly with your content, something simple and elegant that makes you instantly identifiable in the marketplace.  If you don’t have any training in this kind of design, you may be best served by hiring this job out.  There are thousands of freelance designers you can contact directly through sites such as Etsy and Elance.  As with content writers, make sure you review portfolios and satisfy yourself the designer can deliver the product you need.

Anything worth doing is worth doing well, so make sure you consider these factors before launching your own mobile app.  If you’re ready to start development of your mobile app idea and need help finding a developer, visit our quote sites or drop me an e-mail.


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